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Climate of Kashmir

The climatic conditions of Kashmir are quite unpredictable. The climate changes along the various geographical conditions. Summers in Kashmir are mild and shorter as compared to the winters. The climate of Kashmir is either chilling or remain very pleasant throughout the year. The climate of Kashmir is divided into four seasons namely summer, winter, spring and autumn.

Summers:- Summers season starts from May and extends up to August. The summers are not quite hot like the other regions of the country. The average temperature in the daytime falls in the range of 25° C to 35° C. It is like whole Kashmir stands blanketed in the hues of green.

Spring:- The Spring season starts in March and lasts up to early May. The average temperature ranges during the season is from 23° C to 6° C. Brief showers, mild cool breeze and blossoming flowers characterize the season.

Autumn:- With September comes the autumn. The whole region is covered in the hues of first gold and then red. The average temperature hovers around 23° C to 10° C. The season lasts till November and till the time the winter approaches and heavy woolen starts mounting.

Winter:-Starts from end of November to March is the winters. The whole region is covered with white snow and the land looks like a fairytale land.


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