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Handicrafts of Kashmir

The handicrafts of Kashmir represent its rich culture and tradition. The handicraft products of Kashmir are beautiful, exclusive and represent the dignified form and style of the people of Kashmir. Kashmir is renowned for its beautiful embroidered shawls, rugs, intricately carved furniture, painstakingly knotted carpets and attractive paper Mache. The carpets of Kashmir are world renowned and among the most popular handicrafts of Kashmir. Originally the art of making knotted carpets is from Persia that was introduced by Sultan Zain-Ul-Abidin in 15th century. He brought weavers from Persia and trains the local Kashmiri inhabitants. The soothing blend of colors and floral patterns are the main highlight of these carpets. These carpets are expensive and the rate depends on the yarn which is either silk or wool. The less expensive colorful floor coverings are Namdas which are made up from woolen or cotton fiber. The prices vary with the percentage of wool. The other attraction of Kashmiri handicraft is Papier Mache. There are at least three different grades of it which are available with some verities in cardboard and wood. These are very artistic, brightly colored and gold is used on most objects either as a color or as a highlight for certain motifs. The quality and quantity of gold used determines the price of the products. The other major attraction of Kashmir is its shawls that are made up of wool, pashmina and shahtoosh. All these shawls are decorated with various floral patterns, abstract designs and motifs.

Among them woolen shawls are the cheapest and Shahtoosh are the most expensive one. The cane wood furnishings of Kashmir are also very famous among visitors. Shopping baskets, lampshades, tables and chairs made up of cane are generally less expensive. Shops in the local markets of Kashmir are decked with copper and silverware products. One can shop here the engraved objects of samovars, bowls, plates and trays. The entire surface is engraved with intricate design patterns. The work is known as "Naqsh" and it determines the price of the object along with its weight.


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