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The population of Kashmir is a blend of people belongs to distinct races, casts and religions. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are very simple, religious minded and jovial. There different religious backgrounds make the overall culture of the state more vibrant and colorful. Originally the people of Kashmir are mostly Hindus and Buddhists. Islam was introduced in the region by Sufi Saints and invaders from Central Asia. The prominent among them are Hazrat Bulbul Shah of Anatolia and Hazrat Shah Hamadan of Hamadan. The Islamic influences on Kashmir resulted in Islamic conversions. Kashmiri Pandits have a simple and frugal life. They are mostly well educated and intellectuals and are mainly in administrative job profiles. They do not have any cast system like the other Hindus in rest of India. The Kashmiri Muslims are more energetic, active and dynamic craftsmen. They are into agriculture, business, cottage industries and sheep and cattle rearing. Ladakh the region of Jammu Kashmir has maximum of Buddhist population. It is the only place in the world where Tantrayan Buddhism is an important part of life. The other minority in Kashmir is Gujjars they are Rajasthani Gujjars who converted to Muslim faith. They belong to hilly terrain of Kashmir and are generally herdsmen by occupation. They are tall well built and strong. The Kashmiris wear very colorful dresses. The embroidery works that are used to decorate these traditional dresses are very popular in almost all the other parts of the world. Kashmiri women love to dress up with lots of ornaments.

Almost every part of their body is adorned with jewelry. The Muslim women are quite fond of wearing a bunch of earrings. The typical dress of Kashmiri men is Pheran, a long loose gown hanging down below the knees and a skullcap. There are various languages spoken by the people of Kashmir. Dogri, a mixture of Sanskrit, Persian and Punjabi is spoken mostly in Jammu. In Kashmir people speak Kashmiri while Urdu is spoken in some parts of the region. The people of the Kashmir are warm and hospitable and left no stone unturned to make your trip to Kashmir a memorable one.


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