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Vaishno Devi Sightseeing

Located in the Trikuta Hills, Maa Vaishno Devi shrine is a sacred pilgrimage destination for Hindus. It is visited by about 400,000 people from across the globe every year. A pilgrimage to this holy shrine is bathed with spirituality where one can see lakhs of pilgrims lined up in the serpentine queues filling the ambience with religious devotion and enthusiasm. During the festival of Navratri lakhs of devotees from across the world line up for hours, the long mountain roads to worship the deity. Some of major spots that one has to cover for this holy pilgrimage are as given below:-

Charan Paduka Temple: It is located at a distance of about 5 Km from Katra and 1.5 Km from Ban Ganga. Charan Paduka which means "holy footprints" is situated at the height of 3,380 ft above the sea level. According to a legend it is the place where the goddess stopped for some time while escaping from Bhairon. Her foot prints can still be seen on the stone at this place.

Ardhkawari:- Adhkawari is located at a distance of 6 Km from Katra. Pilgrims first go to the temple at Adhkawari and then enter the narrow cave of 15 ft which is also known as Garba Joon. It is here the goddess mediated for nine months and showed herself to a saint. It is 4- 5 km from Charan Paduka.

Bhairon ka Mandir:-This is the halt after Ardhkawari on a journey to the Vaishno Devi Shrine. The goddess killed a demon Bhairon here and when he repented for his unholy deeds she forgave him. The journey to the Vaishno Devi is considered incomplete with out paying a visit to this temple. The holy shrine is 3 Km from Bhairon Temple.

Sanjhi Chhat:- Sanjhi Chhat is located at a distance of 9.25 km from Katra ,3.5 Km from Ardhkawari and 3 Km from the holy shrine. It is located at the height of 6200 feet and provides a splendid views of snow capped mountains and deep valleys. One can obtain free shelter food, drinking water, medical aid and refreshments over here. It also has a Heli- pad from where helicopters shuttle between Katra and this place.

Banganga:- Banganga is located at a distance of 1 Km from Katra. The name of the river comes from two words Ban and Ganga. Ban means arrow and Ganga stands for the sacred rive Ganga. According to a legend the Mata Vaishno Devi while on her way to holy shrine created this water body with an arrow from her quiver and hence it is named as Ban Ganga. It is also believed that she has washed her hairs in it and is also known as Bal Ganga.

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