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Monuments in Jammu &Kashmir

Monuments in Jammu &Kashmir

The state of Jammu & Kashmir is renowned throughout the world for its pristine beauty, snow clad mountains, deep valleys, free flowing rivers, primeval forests and moderate temperature. Apart from its natural beauty the state has a good share of historical and archaeological legacy. These brimming forts and monuments represent the diverse cultural heritage, glorious history and omnipresent element of religion. A number of places built on the soil of Jammu & Kashmir that tell the tale of valiant rulers of the state. Out of many monuments most of them turned to rubble and vanished without traces due the prolonged violence in the state and negligence of the Government. But few of them still remain to tell the story of bravery to the future generation.

Amar Mahal Palace:- Situated in Jammu was the residential palace of the Dogra Rulers and is the epitome of their royalty. The museum and library contains some very unique manuscripts, paintings and books for art lovers.

Ram Mahal:-Situated in Udham Nagar Ram Nagar is famous for Sheesh Mahal Palace, Darbar Hall and Rang Mahal which are intricately designed and decorated with floral paintings.

Bahu Fort / Temple:-Situated at a distance of 5 Km from Jammu city, the Bahu Fort was originally constructed by Raja Bahulochan over 3000 years ago. It houses the famous Bave Wali Mata Temple dedicated to goddess Kali the presiding deity of Jammu. The fort was recently improved and renovated by Dogra Rulers. Today the fort is surrounded by beautiful terraced gardens and is now a favorite picnic spot.

Leh Palce:- Rising above the old town, the ruined Leh palace was built in 17th century by the Buddhist kings of Ladakh. It has similarities with Potala palace in Tibet and offer stunning visuals to the visitors. Now the Archaeological survey of India tries to restore this place for future generations.

Hari Parbat Fort:-The Mughal Fort is situated in the banks of Dal Lake of Srinagar. It was originally built during the regime of Mughal Emperor Akbar but its present structure owes to Afgan Governor of Kashmir in the 18th century. It has a temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati on the western slope and a shrine of Khwaja Makhdoom sahib and Akhund Mulla shah on the Southern side.

Mubarak Mandi Palace:- The palace has 150 years old history as the palace was a Royal residence of Dogra Kings. The palace is a beautiful blend of Mughal, Rajasthani and European architecture that attract the tourists. The most striking section of the palace is Sheesh Mahal and the imposing views of Tawi River and Old city from the hillock. Surrounded by beautiful gardens the palace is now a major tourist attraction. This historically valuable monument comprises many Government offices and courts.


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